Here are three of the many products I was involved with while working at Klove, a lighting design studio.  I headed the conceptualization, designing and worked with various craftsmen and vendors for the manufacturing of these product.

Diya Butterfly

The inspiration for this wall light stems from intricate rangoli patterns that adorn the floor, boisterous firecrackers and earthy diyas that are lit on Diwali, the Indian festival of Light. LED Strip light sources are tucked underneath the wings. This butterfly appears to glow from within, fitting for this auspicious occasion.

My role was to design a wall light for the occasion of 'Diwali'. I led the project through completion from the initial designs to the final product assembly.


Inspiration board - Diyas, Firecrackers and Rangoli

Initial form designs


Manufacturing and Assembling




Asteroid Light


This design went through a revision 6 months after completion to improve the design further. The thick pipes which held the glass pieces were switched with thin cords and a 'spider' mechanism to hold the glass forms. The revised design allowed the glass pieces to appear floating mid air where each glass piece was suspended from two points, one of which held an LED.



The Dabba Luminaire

This product was inspired by a traditional tiffin box (dabba) used to carry lunches in India. There are three words engraved onto the front and laser cut on the back in arabic which mean "light of faith", "illumination" and "glow". I light source was to be placed within all 3 containers so that light could shine through the laser cut words and form them on the surface of the back wall. The three containers were also supposed to swivel and rotate so that the light emitted from each container could be adjustable.

My role was to find a way to resolve the inner swivel mechanism to ensure a smooth movement. I designed the inner electrical components in a way that the product could run on battery and work with mains. I oversaw the end to end production of the entire product including its manufacturing, electric assembly and packaging.


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